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photo gallery: 0-3 Months

  My first bath
  just one day old!
  Daddy & me
  in the car
    i sleep with my mouth open
  profile shot
  sweet dreams
  mommy and me
  family photo
  got milk?
   two weeks old
  three weeks old hanging out in my papasan swing
  1 month old!
  matching baby guess shirts with ate
  me and big sis, Mya
  just waiting for my cake
  don't mess with me
  yummy cake...for me?
    ciera's crying at mya's 1st b-day party
    it's my 1st christmas!
    on my way to the lim xmas party
    with mommy and big sister mya
    i love my sleep
    in my butterfly outfit from auntie arlene
    pretty girl
    5 weeks old
    hey there
    i'm awake now
    my serious look
    six weeks old
    oh so warm...
    8 weeks old
    in my gymini
    i'm cute
    mommy and me
    2 months old!
    two candles
    favorite sleeping position
    little drowsy

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